HVAC System Is Loud

We don’t tend to think about our HVAC system every day. Generally, we don’t consider our HVAC system unless it breaks or is running loudly. For the most part, an HVAC system will be very quiet background noise that’s easy to ignore. An HVAC system usually won’t run loudly unless there’s a problem. Your HVAC […]

Why Are Some Rooms In Your Home Colder?

The wintertime transformation in Idaho is beautiful and majestic. During the wintertime, the entire state of Idaho gets covered in a soft blanket of snow. The change makes the mountains seem even more magnificent than usual. It is also an excellent time for those who enjoy skiing. Idaho offers multiple mountain resorts that provide groomed […]

Does A Gas Fireplace Need A Chimney?

Gas fireplaces have grown in popularity over the last few decades. They’re convenient and easy to use. When you want to warm up, you simply have to turn on the gas fireplace. You don’t have to worry about firewood or using matches to light the fire. Additionally, gas fireplaces are very cost-efficient. Instead of relying on […]

Should You Turn Off Your Furnace In The Spring?

Spring has sprung in the northwest. Trees and flowers are blooming, animals are leaving hibernation, and the temperatures are climbing out of the freezing zone. As you embark on your spring cleaning activities, you’ve probably stood in front of your heater wondering if it’s finally time to turn off the furnace. After all, you might […]

HVAC Efficiency Ratings Explained

WHAT DO HVAC EFFICIENCY RATINGS MEAN? Your air conditioner keeps your home cool and comfortable in the summer months. During the hot summer days of North Idaho, an efficient air conditioner can be a blessing on both our home’s comfort and our utility bills. When shopping for a new HVAC unit, a lot of numbers get thrown around. […]

What Is A Furnace Motor?

During the harsh winters, your home’s furnace creates a blissful escape from the cold weather outside, giving your home a cozy atmosphere to make family memories. However, when things go wrong with your furnace, especially during the winter, you need to fix your furnace quickly. A common place for malfunctions and breakdowns to occur is in […]

Home Temperature Constant Costs

IS IT CHEAPER TO KEEP YOUR HOME’S TEMPERATURE CONSTANT? When it comes to using less energy for heating or cooling your home, there are plenty of opinions about what to do. As a result, there are just as many myths regarding what will save money on your bills. This may lead you to wonder, what can I […]

How Does A Gas Fireplace Work

The hearth of the home is often the heart of the home. It’s a place where the family can gather, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, and relax after a long day. The fireplace heats your home and provides a warm winter atmosphere throughout your home. A fireplace is such a cozy and inviting centerpiece […]

How Does a Heat Pump Work During Winter Months

In the Inland Northwest, having a warm home during the winter is important for being comfortable and happy. For many of us, as long as the heater is working, we hardly think about it. And we shouldn’t have to, especially when our heating systems are reliable and efficient. A heat pump can supply an additional cost-effective […]

Why You Should Avoid DIY Water Heater Installation

Installing your own water heater might seem like a feasible idea but there are many good reasons why you should reconsider. Although you can save money by doing it yourself, you could end up spending a lot more if you botch up the job. And the chances of doing so are high. Water heater installation […]