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  • Is It Cheaper To Keep Your Home’s Temperature Constant?

    April 15, 2021

    When it comes to using less energy for heating or cooling your home, there are plenty of opinions about what to do. As a result, there are just as many myths regarding what will save money on your bills.  This may lead[Read More...]

    Should You Turn Off Your Furnace In The Spring?

    April 1, 2021

    Spring has sprung in the northwest. Trees and flowers are blooming, animals are leaving hibernation, and the temperatures are climbing out of the freezing zone.  As you embark on your spring cleaning activities, you’ve probably stood in front of your[Read More...]

    Does A Gas Fireplace Need A Chimney?

    March 15, 2021

    Gas fireplaces have grown in popularity over the last few decades. They’re convenient and easy to use. When you want to warm up, you simply have to turn on the gas fireplace. You don’t have to worry about firewood or[Read More...]

    How to Flush a Water Heater

    March 1, 2021

    Did you know one of the most common causes of failure for your water heater is something you can fix at home? It’s true. One of the most common causes of water heater failure is mineral sediments building up and[Read More...]

    What To Do If Your Ignition Light Is Malfunctioning?

    February 15, 2021

    Your furnace, while one of the most helpful and cozy appliances of your home in the wintertime, it’s one you don’t think about very often. That is unless your furnace is malfunctioning. When something goes wrong with your furnace and[Read More...]