Choosing A Heating System For Your Home

Your home is a place of comfort. It’s a place for your family to gather, grow up, and rest their heads at the end of the day. During the harsh winters of North Idaho, maintaining a comfortable environment in your home is a top priority for families. There are so many types and brands of furnaces, heat pumps, duct systems, and components to a great heating system. And some heating systems are better for your home than others. Keep reading below to learn about the main types of heating systems and how to choose the right one for your home.

How To Choose A Heating System

We recommend you consider the following factors when choosing a central heating system:


You should evaluate your budget for a heating system, accounting for purchase and installation costs. Consider how much you’re willing to spend month to month on heating and yearly maintenance. In some cases, getting a new HVAC system entirely is cheaper than maintaining the old one.

Size of Home

The price and efficiency of a heating system can depend on the size of your home. If you’re only trying to heat a small 500 sq. ft. home, a larger furnace with an intricate duct system might be overkill. However, if you’re heating a mid to larger sized home, that might be the perfect solution for you.


As we’ll cover below, certain heating systems are better for certain climates. Consider how long or harsh your winters are.


Do you like to set your home’s temperature and forget about it until the seasons change? Or do you prefer to quickly and easily adjust your home’s temperature on a daily or hourly basis? Certain heating systems and thermostats can change the temperature quickly to meet your needs.


Whenever you invest in your home, you should seek out reviews. Finding a heating system for your home is no different. Ask your neighbors what type of heating system they have and how they like it. Look up different ones online that fit your budget and lifestyle.


Certain manufacturers guarantee their products for longer periods. Generally, the manufacturers who offer long-term warranties are offering higher quality heating systems because they stand behind their products.

Maintenance Requirements

Just like with anything you want to last a long time, performing maintenance on your heating system is necessary. Changing the filter, wiping debris off the outdoor units, getting your ducts cleaned, and cleaning your vents are a few examples of maintenance to ensure your heating system operates properly and safely. In some cases, your warranty will also require you to seek and catalog yearly professional maintenance.

Central Heating Systems

A central heating system heats an entire building using a series of ducts connected to a centralized heat source. Central heating systems have a higher upfront cost. However, central heating systems can warm your home very quickly, efficiently, and safely when compared to other heating systems. To ensure they stay efficient, it’s important to get an annual maintenance check-up on your furnace.

Central heating systems come in three types. These include a furnace, boiler, and heat pump.


Popular for ducted central heating systems, furnaces warm the air before distributing it throughout the home. In addition to annual maintenance, it’s important to schedule repairs quickly when something goes wrong. And you need to change the filter regularly. Furnaces often use gas, fuel, or oil to function.

Heat Pumps

heat pump is a conductor of heat for your heating system that sits outside of your home. Heat pumps take the air from outside, pull the heat out of it and warm it, and pump the heat into your home. This process works year-round and both can cool your home and warm it up throughout the changing seasons. In colder areas like North Idaho, many families who choose a heat pump will also buy a furnace. When the temperatures drop extremely low, the furnace will kick in and continue heating.


Boilers heat water and push the water through your home to heat the building. Controlled by valves and powered by natural gas, boilers can be very efficient if you choose the right one for your home’s size.

Our final tip? Trust The Experts.

Still not sure what heating system to choose for your home? Ask an expert for their opinion. If you live in North Idaho, contact the experts at J.A. Bertsch. Our cold winters call for the best and most efficient heating systems, and we’re here to help you choose the best one for your home. Contact us today at 208-715-9694.

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