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Air Quality

Healthy Indoor Air Quality for North Idaho

How is the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home? Dust, mold, mildew and bacteria can be found in most residences throughout the U.S. Sometimes a buildup of these allergens can negatively impact the health and comfort of a household. The indoor air quality (IAQ) service experts at J.A. Bertsch Heating & Cooling have solutions to combat these allergens and prevent their growth. By utilizing a variety of whole-house air cleaners, we have the tools and knowledge to provide our customers with a healthy environment for their home. Contact us today to schedule a complete IAQ assessment of your home.

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The Uncomfortable Truth

Alarming reports from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have revealed that the average U.S. home contains more pollutants than the air outside. The uncomfortable truth is that since 1970, homes have been constructed tighter in order to conserve energy, but in many cases this has compromised the ventilation – and the IAQ. Pollutants and allergens (which appear in two forms: biological and chemical) can get trapped inside the home, directly affecting the health and comfort of the household. Toxic mold, asbestos and carbon monoxide are just a few of the toxins that are prevalent in modern homes today.

Clean Air Solutions

The good news is that the three basic strategies outlined by the EPA have proven to reduce and even eliminate many of the most common pollutants. Source Control, Improved Ventilation and Air Cleaners are all recommended solutions for combating toxins from residential and commercial indoor air. J.A. Bertsch has products and strategies that encompass all three of the outlined EPA IAQ solutions. We can help you aggressively combat both forms of pollutants: biological and chemical, including:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Bacteria
  • Cock Roaches
  • Pollen
  • House Dust Mites
  • Dander

Call J.A. Bertsch at (208) 715-9694 for a variety of indoor air quality solutions!