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  • Gas Fireplace Service


  • Professional Gas Fireplace Repair Services in North Idaho

    Gas fireplaces offer the same style and comfort of a traditional fireplace – without the complicated cleaning and maintenance issues. J.A. Bertsch Heating & Cooling offers complete service options for gas powered fireplaces. Our licensed professionals are skilled in the installation, repair and maintenance of a variety of different brands and designs. These popular alternatives to wood-burning fireplaces have unique service needs to ensure they run safely and efficiently. Let J. A. Bertsch help keep them burning brightly for years to come.

    We can help with:

    • Gas Fireplace Installation
    • Gas Fireplace Repair
    • Gas Fireplace Maintenance
    • Gas Fireplace Parts
    • Gas Fireplace Disposal

    Complete Gas Line Repair and Installation

    The professionals at J.A. Bertsch can service the installation or repair of your gas fireplace – and your natural gas lines. In addition to fireplaces, our experienced technicians can help with the installation of gas lines for a variety of new appliances. Contact us when you need assistance with furnaces, water heaters, stoves, barbeque grills and more. We can also help with gas leak detection, gas line repairs and general maintenance. Our experienced technicians are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for all your gas fireplace and natural gas plumbing needs.

    Keeping North Idaho Homes Comfortable

    J.A. Bertsch Heating & Cooling offers professional residential fireplace repair services throughout Kootenai County. Our licensed fireplace technicians cover all of North Idaho and our neighboring cities. Experience superior, award-winning service 24/7 in the cities listed below.

    Click on the link for more information about fireplace repair, installation, and maintenance in that area.

    For complete gas fireplace services in Hayden, ID call the professionals at (208) 635-5480.