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  • Common Signs Of Poor Home Air Quality


  • October 19, 2022

    We all want a home where we can rest, relax, and get respite from the harsh and unforgiving world. But sometimes, the harmful elements we want to avoid are right in our living spaces. When this happens, the home that should serve as our safe haven becomes a hazard and health risk instead. 

    Air quality is a primary cause for concern, especially when it begins to affect our health. Poor air quality at home can cause allergies, infections, and possibly even more serious diseases. 

    Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine if the air quality inside the home is less than optimal. Sometimes, there may be an unusually high concentration of harmful particles and contaminants without us knowing it.

    It is vital to be aware of the common signs of poor air quality, so we can take measures to address them. Doing so could help prevent diseases and ensure a better quality of life. 

    Here are some signs that could indicate a problem with the quality of air in your home: 

    Frequent Coughing or Difficulty Breathing

    Poor air quality is the likely culprit when your family and household members cough frequently or experience breathing difficulties for no apparent reason. These are among the most common signs of airborne contaminants in the home and can lead to serious long-term health problems. The situation can be especially dangerous for very young children, the elderly, and those with chronic respiratory issues. 

    Allergic Reactions

    Sneezing and allergic reactions are also common indicators of poor air quality. Symptoms such as watery eyes and nose and throat irritations can be uncomfortable at best and even lead to serious health conditions. 

    Pay particular attention to allergic reactions between hay fever and allergy seasons. If the symptoms can’t be attributed to weather conditions, suspect poor air quality in the home. 

    Dry or Irritated Skin 

    Some people experience red or dry skin, rashes, and irritation. Although these may be caused by internal factors, they may also simply be due to poor-quality air in the home. 

    A high concentration of pollutants in the interior is a frequent trigger for these issues. These contaminants should be removed before the symptoms will disappear permanently.

    Nausea and Headaches 

    Even nausea and headache can be symptoms of poor air quality. Although many other factors can cause these conditions, don’t discount the possibility of contaminants triggering them, especially if you’ve eliminated all other explanations. 

    Common triggers in typical homes include pesticides, cleaning products, and other chemical-based substances. And if you tend to leave garbage lying around, don’t discount the possibility that this may be the cause of your health issues. 

    Poor Sleep 

    Do you or anyone in your household have insomnia? There is a good chance that poor air quality is the reason. You may not even necessarily have to stay awake the entire night for there to be a problem. In some cases, a high concentration of pollutants could impair your ability to remain asleep, causing you to become tired, irritable, and unfocused during the day.  

    Excessive Dust Buildup

    Look at the areas where air typically flows in your homes, such as vents, ducts, windows, and doorways. If you see an unusually large amount of dust lying around, you may have a severe air quality problem. 

    Inspect your air filters and HVAC system to see if dust and debris have accumulated since you cleaned it last. If you haven’t performed preventive maintenance in a while, your HVAC system might be due for a thorough cleaning. 

    Unusual Smells 

    Odd or unpleasant odors may not indicate an air quality problem, but it doesn’t hurt to be sure. Go around the house and check for obvious causes of the foul smell, paying particular attention to your bathroom, kitchen, and garbage areas. If the odor persists after you’ve thrown out trash and debris, you may have to call a professional to inspect your air vents. 

    Contact A Professional

    Addressing issues related to poor air quality in the home is crucial for preventing health problems. Allergies and infections are the least of your worries, although they can reduce your quality of life and cause considerable discomfort. 

    The situation can worsen and lead to more serious health conditions if the problems with air quality are left unaddressed. Be aware of the most common signs of poor air quality and hire a qualified professional to remedy them. The health and well-being of you and your family depend on quick action! 

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