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When it comes to using less energy for heating or cooling your home, there are plenty of opinions about what to do. As a result, there are just as many myths regarding what will save money on your bills.

This may lead you to wonder, what can I do to keep my energy bills low? Is it cheaper to program my thermostat for different times of the day? Or is it cheaper to keep my house’s temperature consistent?

The answer can depend on a lot of factors, including time of year, changing weather conditions, how much time you spend at home, and if you have a thermostat.

Keep reading below to learn about when it’s cheaper to keep your house at a consistent temperature.

Myth: Constant Temperature Year-Round

One of the most common pieces of advice about reducing your energy bill is to keep your home at a consistent temperature. Many say that if you set your thermostat to a single, specific temperature, your HVAC system will use less energy. The logic behind this is that you won’t be turning it on and off or making the system cool and reheat the home. This usually is not the case unless your HVAC system has a heat pump.

This advice doesn’t account for seasonal temperature changes. Instead of choosing a constant temperature year-round, it’s better to keep your house a constant temperature on a seasonal basis. Keeping your home at a higher temperature during the warmer months will mean your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. Setting your thermostat a little lower during the winter will mean your furnace won’t need to work as hard or run as much.

You Should Adjust Your Thermostat

Keeping your home at a constant temperature generally means that your HVAC system will run constantly to meet it. This means that your furnace or air conditioner may run when you’re asleep, at work, or out of the house. This wastes more energy than the minimal amount that you might save by having it constantly run.

Program Your Thermostat

If you have a programmable or smart thermostat, you should absolutely program it. Programmable thermostats, when used properly, can cut as much as 30% off your energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills.

With programmable thermostats, you can schedule it to adjust during evenings and times when you’re not home. Smart thermostats can track your energy consumption, learn your behaviors and adjust the temperature accordingly. They can even link to your smartphone. Smart thermostats are an efficient way to decrease energy consumption and make your home more comfortable.

Manually Adjusting Your Thermostat

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, you should adjust it during the night and when you’re not going to be home. Turn it down during the winter nights and up a little during the summer.

This will reduce how much your furnace and air conditioner work when you don’t need them.

Other Ways To Save Money On Heating & Cooling

Your home’s HVAC system will almost always be the main way of heating and cooling your home. But, if you’re trying to save money on your utility bills, here are a few extra ways to make it easier for your HVAC system:

To Keep Your Home Warm

  • Insulate your attic and crawl spaces. Heat rises and often escapes through the attic and crawl spaces.
  • Use quality insulation throughout your home.
  • Upgrade your windows to energy-efficient windows.
  • If upgrading your windows isn’t an option, make sure air isn’t passing through when they’re closed.

To Keep Your Home Cool:

  • Close your curtains during the day. If possible, install and use shutters on your windows.
  • Don’t run appliances, such as ovens or stoves, that produce heat during the day.
  • Replace your air conditioner’s filters with new, clean filters on a regular basis.
  • Get your heating and cooling systems inspected each year

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