Heating Homes: The Typical Heating Systems For Houses In North Idaho

There’s no arguing that North Idaho is one of the most beautiful places to work, live and play. With four distinct seasons and varying altitudes, you have everything from ski slopes on mountains to water skiing on our pristine lakes. However, thanks to those distinct seasons, it does get cold here in the winter. The average temperature in January, typically the coldest month, is about 34 degrees, with several inches of rain and about 16 inches of snow during the month. While there’s nothing more fun than playing in freshly fallen powder, when you’re ready to head back inside, you want to make sure your home is properly heated so you can stay cozy and warm. For those looking to move to North Idaho or buy a home here, you’ll want to be well versed on the types of heating systems we have here. This will help you choose the right home and heating system for your family.

Most Popular Heating Systems In North Idaho Homes:

In North Idaho, there are three popular types of heating systems: heat pump systemsfurnace systems and fireplace (usually a gas fireplace) system. Whether you’re planning to buy a home in North Idaho or just looking to understand the heat system that is already in place in your home, read on below to learn more about each popular heat system.

Heat Pump Systems for Idaho Homes

Heat pumps can be used both to heat and cool the home, depending on the time of year, and are often the most efficient heating system. These systems use refrigerant and electricity to transfer heat, where as a furnace generates the heat directly.

The drawback to this type of heat system is that it works best in more mild climates that don’t dip below freezing that often. The cost of running a heat pump system throughout the winter, specifically an older model, can be expensive. However, advances in technology have improved this.

Furnaces Heating in Idaho

Many homes are heated with a furnace, or forced warm-air, system. A central unit, the furnace, burns fuel of some sort to create heat, which is then pushed through ducts and grills into different rooms of the house. These are often powered with gas, but can also be fueled with electricity, propane or oil. These systems are so popular as they can also be used by an air conditioning system during summer months.

The benefit of these systems is that because they are so popular, they are relatively inexpensive to install, repair and replace. In addition, they heat quickly and evenly, perfect for those chilly winter months!

The drawback to furnaces is that they are often not energy-efficient or have been in use for many years or decades. Older homes in North Idaho may have furnaces that were installed when the house was built, and it will soon be time to repair or replace the furnace.

Idaho Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are often used a supplemental heating system to heat the room or central area where the occupants of the house spend the most time. This way, occupants can turn down the overall thermostat of the whole house, sending less heat into rooms that are used less often. This is especially helpful if the common room is on the lower level of the home, as the heat will rise to other levels of the home to help heat those for the same cost. Gas fireplaces are easy to use, and often have built-in thermostats to maintain the temperature in the room.

Idaho Heating System Repair:

Like anything in your home, a heating system needs to be maintained, and sometimes, it will have issues that need to be repaired. If you’re experiencing issues with your heating system, call a repair service to schedule a consultation or repair.

Furnace System Repair

Whether in a commercial or residential setting, forced-air heating systems might face a few common problems. Some can be avoided with proper maintenance, while others take a professional team to fix. Here are some of the most common furnace system issues and repairs:

  • Dirty Filters
    Furnaces need their filters changed on a regular basis, depending on the size of the home or building, or the amount of people or pets in the space. Dirty filters might reduce the effectiveness of your furnace, costing you money.
  • Frequent cycling
    If your furnace is turning on and off frequently, it might indicate a clogged filter or improper airflow. In addition to changing your filter frequently, be sure to schedule regular maintenance.
  • Noise
    Rumbles, squeaking, rattling or other annoying noises aren’t normal. These noises could mean any sort of mechanical problems that you’ll want to have a professional inspect.
  • No Heat
    It’s hard to diagnose a problem without seeing it, but you can be sure if your furnace isn’t heating effectively, it’s an issue. Contact a professional furnace repair company for guidance.

North Idaho Emergency Heating Repair Services

Emergencies never happen at a good time. If it’s the middle of the night, in the dead of winter, and your furnace stops working, you need it repaired immediately. Whether you live in one of North Idaho’s cities or in a rural area, you know that going without heat in the winter is not an option.

At J.A. Bertsch, we never close, and our repair services are available 24/7. We guarantee 100 percent satisfaction for our customers, because our team is fully licensed and insured in all aspects of furnace repair services, sales, installation and maintenance for all makes and models.

Our guarantee: you will not be charged extra for nights & emergency repairs.

Our heating experts work around the clock to ensure our neighbors in North Idaho are never left out in the cold.

Our services are available in Kootenai County and North Idaho areas, including Coeur d’AleneAtholHaydenPlummerPost Falls, Rathdrum, St. Maries, Sandpoint and Spirit Lake, as well as Spokane County. If you have any concerns about your furnace or other heating system, feel free to give our award-winning service a call.

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