When Does It Make Sense To Purchase A New HVAC Unit?

With the cost and work of installing a new HVAC, many homeowners would rather avoid purchasing a new HVAC.

HVAC units are a major investment that you expect to last a long time. Most HVAC units last between 10 and 25 years. Furnaces tend to last 15-20 years while the AC may need to be replaced at 15 years, so in some cases, you may not need to replace the whole system. Just because a system is still functioning does not mean that you need to use an HVAC system that’s outdated or ineffective.

If you’re purchasing a new home or you’re constantly repairing your HVAC system, it may be time to update and upgrade your system. Are you curious if it’s time to replace your HVAC system? Here are some important considerations to make:

Are You Doing Constant Repairs?

Do you see your HVAC technician a little too often? If your HVAC system is always acting up for seemingly endless reasons and repairs, it might be time to invest in an updated system. This does not include regular, preventative maintenance. If preventative maintenance is neglected, your HVAC system will age quickly and need more repairs.

But, if one week you need to repair replace different components many times a year, it might be time for a new system. You wouldn’t make several thousand dollar repairs over and over again to an old car that’s only worth $2500. In the same way, it’s not logical to pour money into an HVAC system that constantly needs repairs.

Before Your Current Unit Dies

Constant repairs can indicate that your HVAC system is nearing the end of its life. The HVAC system not working properly or being as energy-efficient as it should also show an aging HVAC system. You don’t want to be freezing during our Idaho winters or burning up all summer. If your HVAC technician advises your HVAC system is starting to show its age, you should look into an updated system.

During Home Renovations

Home renovations are one of the most convenient times to replace your HVAC system with a newer model. With home renovations, you may be spending weeks or months with walls out, flooring lifted, and pipes exposed. You’ll have to deal with as many disruptions to replace an entire HVAC system so you might as well get them both done at once.

Upgrading to Energy-Efficient Options

From motion-lights to fresh insulation, home renovations are one of the greatest opportunities to make some energy-efficient upgrades to your home. The latest HVAC systems have extra energy-efficient options such as:

Zoned System

Does one person in your home like a cold room while another prefers it to be warmer? Instead of fighting over temperature settings, a zoned system will allow everyone to pick a comfortable temperature.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats or “smart” thermostats are a great way to cut your costs. With smart thermostats, you can pre-program energy-efficient settings at the optimal temperature.

Upgraded Ducts

As your home and HVAC system ages, so will your ducts. Did you know that 20-30% of the air in your duct system is lost due to leaks? If you receive expensive summer and winter utility bills and struggle to heat and cool rooms in your home, leaky ducts may be the culprit.

Buying A Home

Homeowners stay in their homes for an average of 13 years. It’s more than likely that the HVAC system they had might be out of date and nearing their end of its lifetime, especially if it’s an older home. You should have the inspector and the HVAC contractor look at the HVAC system, including the AC, furnace, exhausts, ductwork, and insulation.

J.A. Bertsch

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