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  • Importance of Cooling System Maintenance


  • Importance of Cooling System Maintenance

    April 1, 2020

    Take a deep breath in through your nose. How does the air around you smell?

    Your cooling system does so much more than cool down your building. Besides making your building safe and comfortable, it also filters your air.

    Preventative maintenance is important to ensure that your air conditioning system works for a long time. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of cooling system maintenance for your home or business.

    HVAC Maintenance Saves Money

    Spending money on a maintenance package may sound counterintuitive for saving money, but preventive maintenance on your cooling system is the #1 way to ensure you don’t have to replace your cooling system prematurely or accidentally void your warranty. Additionally, a properly maintained cooling system can even save you money on your utility bills.

    Fewer Repairs & Extends Lifetime Of Your HVAC System

    With a vehicle, you have to change your oil and oil filter every few thousand miles. If you don’t change your oil and filter, you’ll run dirty oil through your engine which leads to more costly repairs. Tires are expensive and so you rotate your tires to avoid cupping. You check the fluids to make sure your car has enough and every so often, you change your air filter in your car. Avoiding any of these simple maintenance procedures will lead to larger repairs and your car won’t last as long.

    Your cooling system is very similar. You must regularly change the filter to ensure all of the nasty air pollutants don’t get blown back into your air system. Changing the filter ensures that these pollutants don’t clog up the engine or the fans. Your HVAC technician will double-check that the wires are properly connected to avoid major system replacements, drains are clear, parts are lubricated, and refrigerant levels are topped off. Heat pump systems also need similar maintenance.

    Comply With Your Warranty

    When you purchased your cooling system you likely also purchased a warranty with the system. This most likely was a limited warranty. If a part breaks down on your cooling system, it’s reasonable to expect that your warranty will cover the cost of new parts and repairs.

    However, there’s a loophole that you might find in the section labeled eligibility or exclusions. If you do not have your cooling system maintained by an HVAC specialist, it could void your entire warranty. This isn’t to catch well-intentioned DIY-ers in paying a warranty they can’t use. It’s ensuring that the repairs are being done by a knowledgeable professional. Someone with 10+ years of experience will be able to easily detect small signs that could grow into a massive problem and catch the issue when it’s very affordable to fix. This saves you and extends the life of your machine.

    HVAC Keeps Spaces Comfortable

    A functioning cooling system ensures that your home or business is cool and comfortable. This can increase the amount of time your customers spend at your store which can also increase how much they spend on your products. A comfortable workplace can help boost the productivity of your employees.

    Safer Building

    Your home or business will be a lot more comfortable with a well-maintained cooling system, but it will also be safer. Breakdowns in your cooling system can lead to a variety of other problems in your building, especially health and safety issues.


    Your cooling system has several electrical components. The connections in your cooling system can wear out, break, or become disconnected. Failing to catch these could lead to costly repairs and replacements, and even can start a fire under certain circumstances.


    Your cooling system can generate a bit of moisture. Excess moisture can collect in your condensate drain and lead to mold growth. Mold growth has been linked to several health conditions including nose and throat irritation, wheezing and shortness of breath, coughing, and headaches. Mold contamination is also linked to nerve damage and certain cancers.

    HVAC Systems Improve Air Quality

    Your cooling system filters, ventilates, and cools the air in your building. Most of the air in your building will pass through your cooling system at some point.

    Even neglecting simple maintenance like changing your filter will damage your air quality. Your air filter catches so many air pollutants, including dust particles, smoke, dirt, pollen, mold spores, lint fibers, metal fibers, hair, pet dander, and other bacteria. Your filter can only contain so much for so long. After a while, these pollutants will pass through and get blown back into your building’s air.

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